Engagement Session with Chris and Danielle

I recently travelled out to the heart of Chester County, Pennsylvania for a great engagement session with Chris and Danielle. I am looking forward to shooting their upcoming wedding in October. Chris and Danielle have a beautiful property and I really enjoyed all of the great spots we found in our exploratory adventure! It’s always very cool to shoot an engagement session in a location that means something to the couple. Chris and Danielle were totally relaxed and in their element, around the barn and in the rolling fields with their beautiful horses.

How cool are Danielle’s boots??

I love this one 🙂

Why do I always find myself shooting in barns? 🙂

Chris, who is an avid photographer himself, had the idea for me to go downhill and shoot them on the horizon. Very smart idea! I enjoyed playing with the negative space in a lot of these photographs.

Toward the end of the shoot, we came across an old house on their property and snuck onto the porch for some cool pictures. We were feeling pretty silly by now…

Thanks again guys! Can’t wait ’til October!! 🙂

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  1. Kristen
    13 years ago

    Awesome shots! Love the ones on the horizon!

  2. MCK Mama
    13 years ago

    Love these! So earthy. The second, fourth and last are my faves. It’s so great to see in love couples!

    (P.S. I am being SOO lazy, but have to tell you here I ADORE the photos of Jake in his lion towel!!!!!! You are a master…at photography AND at making impeccably beautiful babies! His EYES and his LIPS just go on forever! Man, oh man.)

    Hey, this is so crazy, just yesterday I had my hand ON my phone to call you, to ask you how you got your photos big on your blog. I clicked to open your blog while I was about to call you. But then I saw that your photos were just regular sized after all, so I put my phone down. It MUST have been a premonition, because today I open this blog and see you have figured it out! Wow, looks spectacular. If I promise to worship you forever, would you consider telling me how to do it!?!??

  3. Kelly
    13 years ago

    Thanks ladies!

    MckMama – it’s all thanks to my new best friend, and super XML coder, Arun. I’d be happy to forward his contact info to anyone who is interested.

  4. Kristin
    13 years ago

    Gorgeous as always. I love the first one (the horses look like they are kissing, too!) and the one with their pinkies.

    Now on to more important orders of business…how dare you drive to Chester County and not contact me! Seriously…we are minutes from the PA line and used to live in Chadds Ford, so I am semi-familiar with that area. Also, Eric lived in West Chester for a stint while we were dating/engaged, so I physically lived there as well many days (even though my name was not on the lease!). I know you may be on a tight schedule, but I would love to meet up if you are back down this way. Keep that in mind! I offer to treat for lunch/dinner/ice cream! 🙂

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