Jessica & Bill – Lancaster PA wedding

This is a flashback post that I am adding to my blog from the future (2010) 😉

This is my first wedding. I shot this before I had a real photography blog and so this never got blogged. My cousin Jessica asked me to shoot her wedding when all I had was a point and shoot camera and a good eye. I was always taking pictures at all my friends and cousins weddings, but that was just for fun! They all had a real guy there to get all the important stuff! I had nightmares for months before shooting this wedding. I was absolutely terrified. And for good reason. A lot can go wrong at a wedding, and looking back, I wasn’t nearly as prepared as I could/should have been.

But I was committed to doing a good job for my cousin, and had a little bit of beginner’s luck on my side. I studied photography in high school and college, but that was back in the film & darkroom days. So I bought a shiny new Canon Digital Rebel XT plus two lenses and a flash unit I barely knew how to work, and I studied my camera and manual, read everything I could about the ins and outs of digital photography, and looked at photography blogs for inspiration months before the wedding, and I thought I was prepared. Being my first wedding, when I look back at the images, I cringe at some of my beginner’s mistakes (Shooting at ISO 1600 on an overcast but still bright May day! No back-up cameras or lenses! No understanding of metering!), but the images I liked back then are the images I still like now, and I think I produced a nice body of images for Jess and Bill, as well as a base for my portfolio.

Five wedding seasons and countless weddings later, I’ve gone on to photograph the bride’s sister’s wedding, and the bride’s mother’s wedding, so I thought I might as well revisit and post this wedding. So, without further ado, here are some images from my cousin Jessica’s wedding to Bill – they look so young, and now they have their own little one on the way!

Jess and Bill, thank you so much for being brave (crazy?) enough to ask me to photograph your wedding day. Four years and two family weddings later, I think I’ve hit my stride. Jess, I have you to thank personally for getting me into this crazy business when you asked me to photograph your wedding when we were at Ocean City in summer 2005. Thank you for the months of nightmares; and now years of wonderful happy times in business. I think we’ve both come a long way! 🙂

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  1. Cousin Jess
    18 years ago

    and you did SUCH a wonderful job!! You were a pro since your first shoot 🙂 Couldn't have asked for anyone better!!!!!

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