I have three sweet babies to share with you today: Newborn baby L, and twin babies A&H. This is almost too much cuteness for one blog post! I love photographing newborns all throughout Westchester, it’s one of my favorite things about being a photographer.

Big brother and big sister are so proud of the new addition to the family. This photo warms my heart!

newborns_blogpost_04 newborns_blogpost_01newborns_blogpost_02
Mom and dad and their snuggly baby boy:

And then baby L got the camera all to himself:

newborns_blogpost_06 newborns_blogpost_07
Next we have adorable twin babies A&H:

newborns_blogpost_16newborns_blogpost_09  newborns_blogpost_10newborns_blogpost_08newborns_blogpost_11
The hard work of being photographed often makes new babies very sleepy!

And I love when mom and dad take a moment for some relaxed photos with their babies too:

Baby A and baby H were a joy to photograph!


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