Falkirk Estate & Country Club Wedding

Alison and Antonio held their lovely summer wedding at Falkirk Estate and Country Club in Central Valley, NY. I loved their use of sunflowers throughout the decor, it was such a beautiful bright pop of color in Alison’s bouquet, as a backdrop for the rings, and on the tables in the reception.

I simply adore this sweet moment between Alison and her sister!

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Alison is such a beautiful bride!

alison_antonio_blog_08_09alison_antonio_blog_10alison_antonio_blog_11_12 Some fun moments with her mom and her bridesmaids…

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And of course we can’t forget these handsome gentlemen too! Antonio and his groomsmen had a lot of fun posing on the grounds of Falkirk Estate and Country Club!

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Probably the most meaningful and beautiful moment of Alison and Antonio’s wedding day was when they had a “first look” – except, they didn’t actually SEE each other! Alison was on one side of the curtain, and Antonio was on the other. They spent a few minutes talking with each other and holding hands, but it didn’t spoil the magic moment of Antonio first seeing Alison in her wedding dress walking down the aisle. I love that they did this and I was honored to photograph this unique moment for the two of them!

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The outdoor ceremony space at Falkirk Estate and Country Club was beautifully decorated with sunflowers on the ornate gazebo. It was a perfect day for an outdoor wedding ceremony.

Antonio finally gets to see his beautiful bride!

Isn’t it great how expressive Alison is? Nothing is more beautiful than a happy bride!
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The grounds of Falkirk Estate and Country Club are so nicely landscaped. We took a little stroll around the property for these beautiful photos of the two of them. There were so many great locations for photos of Alison & Antonio.

This one is a favorite. I just love how happy they are!

Bi-lingual thank you card photos are a brilliant idea for a multi-cultural couple!alison_antonio_blog_29_30
The ballroom at Falkirk Estate and Country Club looked splendid! The afternoon sunlight was streaming through the windows of the ballroom, which was filled with beautiful sunflowers and yellow details. What a gorgeous room for a wedding reception.

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How adorable is this cake topper? Notice Alison’s tiny sunflower bouquet?

alison_antonio_blog_37_38 Announcing Alison and Antonio for the first time as husband and wife!

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Didn’t I tell you what a joyful and beautiful bride Alison is??

Alison and Antonio had a couple of really awesome surprises for their guests. The first was this amazing live mariachi band!

alison_antonio_blog_43alison_antonio_blog_42  alison_antonio_blog_44 alison_antonio_blog_45 alison_antonio_blog_46
I love when couples welcome children to their wedding – its always so sweet to see little ones on the dance floor, having a great time and joining in the celebration.

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The next surprise were these awesome “lucha libre” Mexican wrestling masks! Alison and Antonio live in Mexico now, and this was such a fun little nod to the place they call home. It was hilarious to see their friends and family all grab these colorful masks on the dance floor! Even the little kids joined in!

alison_antonio_blog_51 alison_antonio_blog_52
You definitely don’t see a flower girl in a wrestling mask at every wedding, but it was amazing!

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¡Felicidades Alison and Antonio! May you have many many happy years of laughing and having fun together! It was an honor to be a part of your awesome wedding day!


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