2008 Wedding Availability

Well, the 2008 wedding season is right around the corner and I am really looking forward to all of the great brides and grooms I am going to be working with this year! I just took a look at the calendar to see what the schedule looks like and I wanted to put the word out that I still have some availability left for a few lucky brides and grooms. To ensure absolute top-notch service, I only accept a very limited number of weddings each season. I want each of my brides and grooms to FEEL like my ONLY bride & groom! 🙂 I only accept one wedding per weekend, so that I don’t get burnt out.

With that being said, I still have room for two more weddings one more wedding in April; one more wedding in May; two weddings in June, July and August; one more wedding in September; and one more wedding in October. I also have room for one or two weddings in November, which is becoming a more popular month. Call me at (914) 262-2893 to discuss specific dates, or send me an email through my website.

Bonus: Want a $50 $100 gift certificate to Kelly Vasami Photography? Refer a bride & groom who sign a 2008 contract with me and your gift certificate will be on its way!

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  1. MCK Mama
    16 years ago

    I wanna get married again just so I can have you photograph it! Hmmm, how about the second Saturday in November:)

    I did the referral “bonus” too..in Jan..and racked up a ton of business. Here’s hoping you fill in your already busy schedule with a sprinkling of just a few more weddings.

    And, okay, kidding about my wedding. But can I pre-book now for Maisie’s?