We’ve had quite a nasty virus going around here at Kelly Vasami Photography, so we’ve gotten a bit behind in our blogging as a side effect 🙁

I’m happy to finally be back to work and back to blogging, since I’ve got some great photographs just patiently waiting to be shown off! First up is the gorgeous and alert baby Jocelyn, who I met at just six weeks old. Gorgeous Jocelyn here was supposed to meet my camera a bit sooner, but with Christmas and the hectic holidays, we had to put it off for a little while. I was amazed how alert she was – looking right into the lens! How cute is she???

A lot of people ask me: “When is the best time to photograph newborns?” I actually recommend photographing babies within the first two weeks of birth, since they will never again be this tiny. They are also most likely to be nice and sleepy when they are under 14 days old, and sleeping babies make such lovely subjects! After the first two weeks, you also risk a case of “baby acne” which isn’t always the most photogenic stage. 😉 But any age is beautiful, and it’s really just important that mom and dad (and baby!) are comfortable.

3 Comments On This Topic
  1. MCK Mama
    16 years ago

    OH, baby Jocelyn…you are perfect! I LOVE the couch photos of her especially, Kelly. Yum!

  2. Carrie
    16 years ago

    She is a beauty! The first one is my favorite. It’s funny you should comment on when newborn pictures “should” be taken. I did some on Sunday right at the two week mark. I had just been wondering if there was a perfect window of opportunity.

  3. Drea
    16 years ago

    I love all ur photos, their beautiful!!