Dim Sum in Manhattan with my Favorite Photo Ladies!

Over the weekend, I met up with some of my favorite New York photographers, who also happen to be fantastic friends of mine! They are, in no particular order: Sherri Jackson, Melissa Bitter and Gabriela Luiz. These savvy city chicks talked this suburban mama into taking the subway allbyherself into lower Manhattan and eating some vegetarian dim sum. I am normally rather picky, but I was really adventurous and tried every dish that was put in front of me! Some were better than others, but I left with a full belly and we all had a great time! After our “shrimp” and “pork” with vegetables (and more vegetables!), we wandered around Chinatown and found some great photo opps. We had a great time and made a pact to make this a monthly event. Thanks again girls – it was FABULOUS!! 🙂

I wish this “sesame/’pork’/rice” concoction tasted half as good as it looked! 😉

These “chicken” dumplings were pretty darn tasty…

Apparently, in New York at least, pigs really do fly!

The overabundance of colors in Chinatown is almost overwhelming…

These things STUNK!

Beautiful graffiti everywhere….

The trees are beginning to lose their blossoms…

I’m a freak for wrought iron/fleur de lis/crosses!

There are cool textures everywhere your eyes land in Manhattan!

9 Comments On This Topic
  1. I. M. Bitter
    16 years ago

    Oooooo!!! 🙂 Fabulous images Kelly. 😀

    We are definitely making this a lasting tradition.

  2. Kim
    16 years ago

    How did you shoot these? YOu didn’t do automatic did you?

  3. Kim
    16 years ago

    You are a photography goddess!!!

  4. Kelly
    16 years ago

    Hey Kim, Thanks for the sweet comments! 🙂

    I shot these in Aperture Priority (Av) with Spot Metering and then shot in manual when needed. I think in all of these, I’m shooting with my 85mm f/1.8 lens.

  5. Kristin
    16 years ago

    I looked at these when you posted them and meant to comment. I *love* your wrought iron pictures! I was trying to visualize where in my house I could hang one! Seriously…will you remember all of us “little people” when you hit it big??? I honestly feel like every time I see new shots they are even more spectacular than the last. I could totally see you publishing books of your photography, or, at the very least, a guide for all of those photog wannabes. 🙂

  6. Kelly
    16 years ago

    Oh Kristin, I’m blushing! 🙂

  7. Hilary
    16 years ago

    I haven’t checked out your photography blog in a while, so I’m getting caught up now. And the verdict is – I still love your pictures!! They are awesome.
    You do such great work! Finding cool colors and textures in the world around you. Love it.

  8. Tamara
    16 years ago

    I so admire the artistry of your compositions. Boy, I sure do wish you lived in LA! I need a photography guru…and at least 1 beautiful pic of the girls. What a lucky boy Jake is!

  9. Kelly
    16 years ago

    Thanks again for all the sweet comments, ladies!

    Tamara – you are SURROUNDED by amazing photographers in LA! But I get out to LA about once a year to visit family and friends, if you want to schedule a portrait session next time! 😉