Engagement Session in Central Park

Andrew and Dale are getting married in early October and I can’t wait to capture their day for them!

We took a stroll through Central Park two weeks ago and the weather was gorgeous. It was so surprising, a bunch of other New Yorkers thought Central Park was the place to be on a Saturday evening in late July…. who would have thought? We managed to wait for the right moments between park-goers, and only ejected one other couple out of a gazebo… 😉

Perfect light, perfect setting, perfect couple!

This picture just makes me SMILE!

Dale got a kick out of the fact that I kept calling this light “yummy” … but is there any other word for it?

Thanks so much Dale and Andrew for spending your Saturday evening with us and for being such a fun couple to work with. Thanks also to my fabulous and stylish intern, Kylie, who came along for the trip!

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  1. Kristin
    15 years ago

    Whoa…you have an intern now?!? That is awesome! Can I buy stock in KVP now before it is too expensive for me? 🙂

    I love, love, love the pic you said makes you smile. It makes me smile, too! Shockingly, even though I have always lived on the East Coast and have been to NYC plenty of times, the closest I have ever been to Central Park was walking through it to get to a restaurant. I am not much of a city girl, but those pics make me want to go!

  2. Kristen
    15 years ago

    Gorgeous pictures!! What a great setting!

  3. Kelly
    15 years ago

    Thanks Kristin and Kristen! 🙂