There is a huge photography convention going on here in New York, so lots of great talented people are in town. One of my favorite photographers (and ‘virtual mentors’) is southern California-based photographer [b]ecker. [b]ecker let everyone know (via his blog) that he would be in Brooklyn for his birthday and invited anyone who was interested to come along for some lunch and a walking tour of the city. I knew this was a rare and unique opportunity to meet one of my absolute favorite photographers, and also to spend a nice day out with like-minded New Yorkers. We were in for all kinds of goodies – [b]ecker showed up with business partner Marissa, and they handed out Shootsacs and Shootsac covers to all in attendance. We sported the uber-chic and functional photography bags all over the city, taking promotional pictures for Jessica Claire (designer of the Shootsac) to promote “Sacs In The City.” I had a great time and met some awesome people. I am also including some images from other attendees blogs so you can actually see a picture of ME on my blog 🙂

A bunch of cool and talented people, including one girl (second from left) whose mom (third from left) let her skip school to come see this! 🙂

Mmmm… pizza at Grimaldi’s

Me on the far left, birthday boy at the head of the table

The MAN in action

Manhattan Bridge

My absolute favorite shot of the day (pretty much SOOC – straight outta the camera).

Me in the middle (pink shootsac cover)…

…as I’m taking this picture:

…or this one, of Steve Depino.

My new friend Meg Belanger just posted this new one of me:

The whole group (I’m back row, third from left)

My new friend Melissa Bitter sporting her fancy new Shootsac and Orange cover.

Allan Zepeda in action:

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