I have been shooting a number of weddings lately as a second shooter for some great tri-state area photographers. It is a lot of fun getting to know other photographers in the area and making friends while getting to work with them, see how they approach wedding photography, and generally just having a great time on the job.

This particular wedding was with the fabulous and fun JC Carley. The ceremony was in Ridgefield, CT and the reception was at the Inn at Longshore in Westport, CT. I had a great time and Siobhan & Ryan and their families were fun and sweet and amazing to photograph! I SO love my job! 🙂

The details were BREATHTAKING!!!

Siobhan made our job very easy, as she is so naturally gorgeous and easy to photograph 🙂

Siobhan’s father had passed away when she was a teenager, and she wanted to be sure to remember him and have him close to her on her wedding day.

Right before her big brother walks her down the aisle…

The light was sooooo gorgeous as we were taking formals at the Inn at Longshore. Yummy Connecticut sunset light! 🙂

I love this image of Siobhan and Ryan during their first dance.

These two little cousins were so cute on the dance floor! I shot these with my 85mm prime lens, so I was far enough away that they wouldn’t be aware of, or intimidated by, me taking their picture.

This little girl finally wore herself out after tearing up the dance floor.

Thanks again to Siobhan and Ryan for having such a fun wedding, and of course to JC! Hope to work together again soon! 🙂

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  1. Kristin
    16 years ago

    Wow! Gorgeous…again! Can I go back in time to 1997 and hire you as our wedding photographer? You might have been a bit young, but based on these, I would trust your instincts. I adore the first shot of the back of the dress (what lovely lace) and the shoes. I don’t know if that is something many photographers do, but I know ours didn’t capture the details the way you consistently do. I love your artistic eye!

  2. Kristen
    16 years ago

    Absolutely stunning!! Brought tears to my eyes!!

  3. MCK Mama
    16 years ago

    Oh my word: HOW/WHAT/WHERE/HOW on earth did you get that last photo? They are floating off in dreamland and the black background and the perfect light…you must have used a flash!? I canNOT believe the perfection in this photo, and they joy in the fact that you were able capture this non-repeatable moment must have been so intense!!

    Yes, the bride is GORgeous and I LOVED her lacy, antique-y look and details. The way you gave a beautiful old-fashioned tinge to the photo of her with the photograph of her father, especially, is perfection.

    It was fun for me to imagine what the day was like for you, second shooting. And photographing details is ALWAYS so much fun, isn’t it?

    You inspire me, as always. I LOVE the big pics…but I’m never satisfied: I tried to click on them to see them even bigger, but couldn’t. Is that just the way it is?

    Okay, was this a good enough comment? 😉 😉 wink, wink.

    Meant every word and was happy to know that these were up!!

  4. Lunell Troy
    16 years ago

    Kelly, fabulous job! I love all those kid shots and the shoes dangling over the wall.