This is a wedding that I second shot for Denise Cregier late last month. Denise was great to work with and she has some stealth photo ninja moves! 🙂 Lauren and Tom are such a sweet, happy, and obviously-in-love couple. It was a pleasure to be a part of their wedding day. Denise and I shot at the Fountainhead in New Rochelle, which is a super-short commute to my home (always nice at the end of a long day!). I was also excited to shoot at the Fountainhead since I have another wedding coming up there in October, and it is such a beautiful place to hold a reception.

Is there anything on earth cuter than this ring bearer?

Ok, possibly the flower girl….

Lauren’s dress was one of the most beautiful I have seen in a loooong time. It was a beaded mermaid-style dress with a ruffled hem. Simply stunning!

While the bridesmaids were taking formals at Pepsico Park, I found this great scene of their sexy Chinese Laundry strappy silver shoes next to the bouquet of pink roses. Aren’t these just a girl’s dream? Pretty flowers and strappy shoes?!

When you hear me rambling on about perfect light and have no idea what I mean… THIS is what I mean:

What a happy couple!

The bouquet toss is always so fun to capture!

Enjoy your journey together Lauren and Tom! And thanks again for bringing me along, Denise!

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  1. Kristin
    16 years ago

    I am running out of positive adjectives, Kelly. 🙂 I have never seen a ring bearer being pulled down the aisle by a flower girl, and you certainly capured the sweetness of the scene. Just curious…what is is like to “second-shoot”? How did the other photographers find you? I’m sure your reputaion is getting around…in a good way!

  2. Kelly
    16 years ago

    Hi Kristin – thanks for your sweet comments – as always! 🙂 Second shooting is a lot of fun! You are free to get all of the fun and exciting moments without quite as much pressure as the primary photographer. Since I was not living in New York last year, I was not able to advertise and promote myself as much as I would have, and didn’t book up all of my wedding dates for this time of the year, so I second shot instead. I belong to a photographer’s community that allows us to network and find each other as needed – it’s a great resource!

  3. Kristen
    16 years ago

    Beautiful as always!!

  4. MCK Mama
    16 years ago

    I can’t believe that “third” bouquet toss shot!! Wow.

    No, not much is cuter than that ring bearer. (Except maybe Jake!) The last wedding I shot had a flower girl (baby) being brought down the isle in a wagon!!! Who knew.

    LOVE that first shot. There is something that you created that is SOOO unique about it, and I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is, and that makes it even cooler!!

    And of course I love the flower shot with the burst of fuchsia….my favorite color.

    I have FINALLY added this blog to my Google Reader. It’s about time I got in the game!