Marie and Marc decided to fly all the way from France to get married in Central Park. They found me, and booked me, completely over the internet. I was a bit nervous about possible language barriers (I was never an exemplary student of the French language), but all fell into place, and I remembered enough French and the couple knew enough English that we all got by just fine.

Marie got ready in the Belvedere Hotel in midtown Manhattan

Marie & Marc’s wedding announcements

Marie is a stunningly beautiful bride

Wouldn’t you know it – record rainfall in Central Park on their wedding day. I can’t even imagine how much good luck that means for their marriage!

The Lady’s Pavilion in Central Park is a beautiful place to hold an intimate wedding ceremony

Despite the rain, Marie literally smiled the entire day

With this ring….

…I thee wed!

The rain paused long enough for us to take a few portraits in Central Park

We then took a limo ride around NYC, ending up in Times Square, where the rain had finally stopped all together

M & M – Marie & Marc!

This group of schoolgirls broke into applause when they saw the newlyweds!

My favorite – luckily the cab didn’t honk at us after the light turned green 🙂 I told Marie you can get away with pretty much anything when wearing a wedding dress – even in NYC.

Quick, casual portrait of the lovely newlyweds

Thank you Marie and Marc, for having faith in my photography without meeting me beforehand! I had a lovely time at your wedding and wish you both all the luck and love in the world!

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  1. MamaBear
    12 years ago

    FANTASTIC Kelly! Did you juggle an umbrella over your head too? We had 2 minutes of rain at my wedding last weekend – right when we were out in the open. I went with it and had fun with some umbrella candids…cuz really, what else can you do?

    You've had your raining wedding for the season… it should be clear skies from here on out!

  2. Kelly
    12 years ago

    Thanks Carrie! I actually, at one point, stuck the umbrella pole down the back of my shirt! That way, my hands were free to hold the camera with one hand, and zoom/focus with the other. Glamourous? No. Functional? Yes.

  3. Claudia
    12 years ago

    Beautiful work!! Love the one w/the taxi behind them 😉

  4. Kelly
    12 years ago

    Thanks Claudia!

  5. Joelle
    12 years ago

    Many thanks Kelly for the emotion still present thanks to your photos. All are beautiful and it's always a pleasure to look at them again and again with family and friends not present in Central Park on that wonderful day..
    I discover only today your blog (I'm 56 !!)
    Merci beaucoup et bravo !
    Joelle (Marie's mother)

  6. Kelly
    12 years ago

    Merci Joelle!

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