As I mentioned in a previous post, I was in Southern California last week to attend ‘a photography workshop’. But it wasn’t just any workshop, this was [b]ecker’s Party of Five workshop! If you read this blog pretty frequently, the name [b]ecker is not a new one to you. I am a huge fan of [b]ecker’s work and a frequent reader of his blog. [b]ecker is a prominent figure in the wedding photography world and not only is he a great guy, but he is super willing to share his knowledge and the inner-workings of his successful photography studio. I’ve had a great time learning from [b]ecker this year, both at the [b]ecker in [b]rooklyn get-together and at the party of 5 seminar I attended.

We had an on-location instructional photo shoot with this couple, former clients and current friends of [b]ecker. As you can see, they are pretty easy on the eyes and work well for an ‘instructional’ photo shoot – you pretty much couldn’t get a bad shot of them if you tried! Thanks so much to Mindy and DJ and little Draden for letting us photograph you!

Love the sunflare going on here! 🙂

Draden attacking [b]ecker with leaves 🙂

One of the other benefits to attending this seminar was a chance to hang out with Jessica Claire, who is also a super-talented and influential Southern California wedding photographer. Jessica happens to be [b]ecker’s “special friend”, and she came out to keep the rest of us entertained while we took turns having a one-on-one session with [b]ecker. Jessica’s blog is one I read DAILY! She is also a bridesmaid in my friend Laura Novak‘s upcoming wedding, which will probably be attended by no less than 85 photographers! Should be a fun night!! 🙂

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