My home office is currently in a large bedroom of our home that also serves as a second living room and my son’s playroom…which can be a challenge at times. Right now for example, as I am typing this, I have a toddler running around the room while watching marathon episodes of his favorite Doodlebops DVD. Having clients come upstairs in my home or having to compete with a toddler isn’t ideal…

At some point, we realized the need for a separate work space for me. Ideally, this would be a space that could house my office, have plenty of storage, and also be a place where I could meet with clients… instead of having to meet in Starbucks all the time.

We have decided to convert the front room downstairs, below the space I’m currently in. This room was once a sunporch, then later a bedroom, but I think this is the first time it will be an office. (This house has been in my husband’s family for five generations.) After many measurements, I have realized everything will, in fact, fit and I will soon have a space that can comfortably house all things Kelly Vasami Photography. …Sorry, no Doodlebops allowed.

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  1. Carrie
    16 years ago

    So fun Kelly! I love planning where things will go. I measured every piece of furniture in our home so I could envision it in it’s new home when we move.
    Will you do a before and after reveal for your fans?

  2. Kelly
    16 years ago

    Oh Carrie, I am big on before & after photos! 🙂 Stay tuned… I am already browsing for the right furniture, decor, window treatments, etc, and hope to share the progress with my loyal blog-readers!

    P.S. – In our move previous to this one, I actually had a mock-up floorplan with each piece of furniture cut out and backed with double-stick tape so I could plan and re-plan where each item would go in the house. This was obviously in the pre-parenting era where I had time for such luxuries! 😉

  3. Kim
    16 years ago

    Kelly… just so I know this. Do you travel for weddings like out of your area? If so what do you charge for traveling?

  4. Kelly
    16 years ago

    Great question Kim! Yes, I do travel for weddings out of my area. Travel charges are based on my actual expenses, and vary from event to event.

  5. Kristin
    16 years ago

    That looks exciting! Can’t wait to see the before and after shots. I loved your before and after renovations of your home, so I am looking forward to seeing your newly converted office digs as well.

  6. MCK Mama
    16 years ago

    Wow, HOW COOL! I am just using a bedroom next to my bedroom. How uncool. But at least the carpet is clean again now. I’m so excited for your big move downstairs!!!