I have a limited window of opportunity to take a vacation and not miss out too much on my work, and they aren’t known as the best months weather-wise (January & February). My husband, our son and I got out of New York just before that last big storm hit and were thrilled when we landed in sunny Florida for a few days of sunshine! Just because I was on vacation doesn’t mean I took a vacation from my camera 🙂 Here are some of the pictures – hope they aren’t as bad as sitting through one of those boring slideshows of Great Aunt Mildred’s trip to Iowa in 1987…

Jake on the airplane – rockin’ the headphones and the juice baba:

These amazing goldfish (koi?) were at Butterfly World, Jake was feeding them fishfood as I snapped away with the camera:

Jake learned to say “gecko” (I know that’s not the actual term for these, but I’m a photographer, not a biologist 😉 and most two-year-olds cannot pronounce “anole lizard” or “Anolis carolinensis”) and we saw them everywhere!

Some beautiful “God clouds”:

The plants and trees in Florida are unlike anything I see in the Northeast. I was captivated by everything I saw! And these are only within a few feet of the townhouse:

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  1. Kristin
    14 years ago

    Super pics! Those tree shots were especially interesting. My favorites are the clouds; those are breathtaking photographs!

  2. Anonymous
    14 years ago

    I love your eye–fantastic!

  3. Shalet
    14 years ago

    Gorgeous shots!

  4. Denise Cregier
    14 years ago

    Where in Florida? Those are beautiful!

  5. Kelly
    14 years ago

    Thanks everyone! 🙂 Denise – the pictures were taken in Ocean Ridge and West Palm.

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